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Testimonials from Service

Don’t just take it from us. Here’s what senior leaders in the service industry say:

"Today 1,700 not-for-profit hospitals—and the patients they serve—are the beneficiaries of [a vision born from the Baldrige Criteria]. . . . Together we have achieved billions of dollars in savings—savings that strengthen the ability of hospitals to provide quality care. Together we have identified best practices that reduce birth-related injuries for mothers and newborn babies. Together we have led an initiative that has been a model for ethical business practices and transparency within the health care industry. And together we have partnered with Medicare to test a new health care payment model that rewards high-quality care. . . ."
Richard A. Norling, President/CEO, Premier Inc., 2006 Baldrige Award Recipient

"We work hard at performance improvement, always looking ahead, finding and overcoming the next challenge. The Baldrige culture is DM's culture. DM's superb performance during Hurricanes Katrina and Rita is but one example of our can-do attitude. . . . Within 72 hours of Katrina striking the Gulf Coast, 100 percent of our employees called in and asked only, 'When and where do I report for work?'"
Robert E. McGough, CEO/President, DynMcDermott Petroleum Operations Company, 2005 Baldrige Award Recipient  

"The [Baldrige Award] application feedback helps us prioritize scarce resources on the highest-leverage areas for improvement. And Baldrige involvement increased employee buy-in, providing terrific professional development and personal learning and achievement opportunities."
Roger B. Quayle, Executive Vice President, Quality and Technology, OMI, Inc., 2000 Baldrige Award Recipient

"For seven years in a row, we've improved customer satisfaction, we've improved occupancy, we've improved employee satisfaction, we've lowered employee departures [and] turnover, and we've improved annually our profit."
Horst Schulze, President/CEO, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, LLC, 1999 and 1992 Baldrige Award Recipient

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