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Consensus Review

Welcome to Consensus Review! During this part of the award process, your team will create a scorebook detailing the strengths and opportunities for improvement (OFI) that will help your designated applicant move to the next level of performance excellence. This scorebook, composed of comments and scores, will represent the collective knowledge and analytical skills of the team and will be the basis of the feedback report sent to the applicant.

During Consensus Review, you will use the Baldrige Online Scorebook Solution (BOSS) to develop and refine your comments and scores. In the right-hand column of this page, you will find several tools to help you during the evaluation process. Please note the documents “Examiner Role in the Consensus Process Chart, (PowerPoint)” which will give you a flowchart of the consensus process, and ”Step-by-Step for Consensus Review, (PDF)” which provides more detailed instructions on how to proceed. Another tool designed for your use in the evaluation is the “2014 Considerations for Reviewing Small Organizations (PDF)”. Please review these tools to help you get started.

  • In writing process strength comments, think about what actionable message you are giving the applicant. Remember that applicants read process strengths as what they should continue to do and why.
  • In writing process OFI comments, have you convinced the applicant that it should invest in a new process and why that investment is important?
  • In writing results strength comments, have you convinced the applicant to continue to invest in achieving and tracking these results? Have you captured the applicant’s most proud results, as appropriate?
  • In writing results OFI comments, have you convinced the applicant to invest in improving these results? Remember to emphasize the relevance of the comment to the applicant by using key factors that are most critical. Without beneficial results, what might happen to the applicant?

Consensus is a time to learn from and to share knowledge with your team members. Because of the richness of the team makeup, the Consensus Review Scorebook will be a more robust product than any one examiner could produce.

Enjoy your Consensus Review experience!


You need to have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view the PDF file. If you do not have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, download the program at People with visual disabilities can download tools and information at to help make Adobe PDF files accessible.

Consensus Review ToolkitExaminer Role in the Consensus Process Chart (PowerPoint)Step-by-Step Instructions for Consensus (PDF)2014 Comment Writing Samples (MS-Word)Consensus Review Process Item 5.1 Sample (PDF)Consensus Review Results Item 7.3 Worksheet Sample (PDF)Comment and Scoring Checklist for Item Backups (PDF)What is a Key Theme? (PDF)Consensus Script Template with Sample (MS-Word)Scoring at Consensus (PDF)2014 Scoring Band Descriptors (PDF)Score Summary Worksheet (MS-Excel)2013 Collin Technologies Consensus Scorebook (MS-Word) (an example of exemplary comment writing)2014 Instructions for Peer Evaluation Form2014 Peer Evaluation Form 

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