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Testimonials: Why Serve?

Hundreds of professionals volunteer to serve on the elite Baldrige Board of Examiners every year. They say they serve because of the remarkable opportunity to learn and network, make a meaningful contribution to their nation, and gain an unparalleled professional development experience. Here's how Baldrige examiners describe service on the board:

I encourage you to consider Examiner training as a key personal development opportunity.  Many organizations continue to provide resources for employee development.  Even if your organization is not using the Baldrige Criteria as a management system, your continued education in effective management practices should be viewed as having value for your organization  Your evaluation of an applicant, especially if you are fortunate enough to participate in a site visit, is like having an internship to learn about effective management practices.  Discuss with your company whether the expenses of Baldrige Examiner training can be reimbursed as part of your tuition reimbursement program.  Remember, the only thing you are paying for is expenses…there is no cost for the actual training.  In my opinion, this is one of the greatest employee development opportunities available. [read the entire letter (MS-Word)]

Paul Grizzell, Core Values Partners, Inc.
Baldrige Performance Excellence Program Alumni Examiner

The return on investment has been the most powerful training I've ever received as a CEO. In my superintendent training, I never knew the words "process management"; I didn't know that existed. And I certainly didn't know how to align the work from the boardroom all the way to the student level. So I've picked up so much in leadership management skills just by attending Baldrige training, reading applications, and doing case studies.

Dr. Terry Holliday, Former Superintendent
Iredell-Statesville Schools, North Carolina
2008 Baldrige Award Recipient (Education)

We are seeing personal growth and development in our employees, especially our senior leaders, who are [Baldrige] examiners. We are seeing increased confidence, better leadership skills, a major level of excitement and energy, and more engagement in participation in all of our meetings.

Matt Fleming, President
2009 Baldrige Award Recipient (Small Business)

Baldrige Examiners: Outstanding People, Exceptional Service
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