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Dimensional Measurements

Fees for services are located directly below the technical contacts for each service category link.
Links referencing the service id numbers are for detailed descriptions of specific services.

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Gage Blocks (10010C-10015C)
Line Standards (10020C-10025C)
Metal Tapes (10030C)
Special Tests of Long Length Artifacts (10040S)
Special Tests of Step Gages (11060S)
Special Tests of Length Standards (10050S)

Diameter and Roundness Measurements

Special Tests of Cylindrical Diameter Standards (11010S-11014S)
Measuring Wires for Threads and Gears (11020C-11021C)
Roundness Calibration Specimens and Measurements (13020S)
Special Tests of Spherical Diameter Standards: Balls (11030S-11034S)
Special Tests of Internal Diameter Standards (11040S)
Special Tests of Roundness (13030S)
Special Tests of Diameter (11050S)

Complex Dimensional Standards

API Threaded Plug and Ring Gages (12010C-12033C)
Special Tests of Two- and Three-Dimensional Gages (12060S-11050S)
Algorithms Testing and Evaluation (10070S-10082S)
Special Complex Dimensional Tests, by Prearrangement (12070S)

Optical Reference Plane Standards

Special Tests of Optical Reference Planes (Flats) (13010S-13014S)
Special Optical Tests of Complex Forms (13040S) (coming soon)

Angular Measurements

Angle Gage Blocks (14010C-14011C)
Special Tests of Optical Polygons (14020S)
Special Tests of Rotary and Indexing Tables (14030S-14031S)
Special Tests of Optical Wedges (14040S-14041S)
Special Angular Measurements, by Prearrangement (14050S)

Laser Measurements

Laser Frequency/Wavelength (14510S-14511S)
Laser trackers, B89.4.19 Ranging Test (14520S) (coming soon)

Surface Texture

Roughness (15010C-15040S)

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