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Electromagnetic Measurements

Fees for services are located directly below the technical contacts for each service category link.

Links referencing the service id numbers are for detailed descriptions of specific services.

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Resistance Measurements

DC Resistance Standards and Measurements
Special Resistance Measurement Services, by Prearrangement (51100S)
Measurement Assurance Program for Resistance (51110M)
Standard Resistors, 1 Ω and 10 kΩ (51130C and 51131C)
Standard Resistors 10-4 Ω to 106 Ω (51132C-51142C)
High-Value Standard Resistors: 107 Ω to 1012 Ω (51143C-51154C)
High-Current Standard Resistors-Shunts  (51160C-51163C)
High-Voltage Standard Resistors
High-Voltage Standard Resistors (51210C)

Impedance Measurements (Except Resistors)

Low-Frequency Capacitance and Inductance Measurements and Standard
Special Four Terminal-Pair (4TP) Capacitance and Dissipation Factor Characterization (52100S)

Low-Frequency Capacitance Measurements and Inductance Measurements and Standards (52110S-52181C)
Special LF Impedance Measurements, by Prearrangement (52110S)
Special Measurement Assurance Program for Standard Capacitors (52120S)
Fused-Silica Dielectric Standard Capacitors (52130C-52131C)
Standard Capacitors (52140C-52176C)
Standard Inductors, Self or Mutual (52180C-52181C)
Special LF Inductance Measurements, by Prearrangment (52190S)

High-Frequency Standard Capacitors and Inductors

 High-Frequency Standard Capacitors and Inductors (52210S-52310S)
 Two-Terminal Low-Loss Standard Capacitors (52210S-52211S)
 Three-Terminal Low-Loss Standard Capacitors (52221C) 
 Two-Terminal, High-Q Standard Inductors (52310S)

Q-Standards (52710C-52711C)

Voltage Measurements

DC Voltage and Measurement Standard
Special DC Voltage Measurements, by Prearrangement (53110S)
Solid-State Voltage Reference Standards (53160C-53161C)
Special Handling (Equipment Pickup or Delivery) (53180S)
Special Handing (Cleaning, Minor Repair, Return Service Charge) (53190S)

AC Voltage Measurement

Digital Multimeters (DMMs) and Multifunction Calibrators (53200S)
Low-Voltage AC-DC Transfer Standards (53201S)
Special 25-Point Test of Digital Multimeters (DMMs), by Prearrangement (53202S-53203S)

AC-DC Thermal Voltage and Current Converters (to 1 MHz)
General Information-Thermal Voltage and Current Converter
Special AC-DC Measurement Services, by Prearrangement (53310S)
AC-DC Difference Calibration of a Standard or Standards Set (Voltage or Current) (53350C-53352C)

Precision Ratio Measurements

Inductive Dividers
Special Ratio Measurements and Tests of Inductive Voltage Dividers, by Prearrangement (54110S)
Inductive Voltage Dividers (54120C-54131C)

Resistive Dividers
Resistor and Resistive Dividers, DC Measurements (54210C-54211S)

Current Transformers
Current Transformers (54520C-54522C)

Phase Meters and Standards and VOR Measurements

Special Tests of Phase Standards and Related Instruments, by Prearrangement (55110S)
Phase Meters (55120C-55141C)

Power and Energy Measurements, Low-Frequency

Special Tests of AC-DC Wattmeters (56110S)
Power and Energy Measurements, Low-Frequency (56200C-56202C)
Measurement Assurance Program for Watthour Meters (56210M)
Fast Turn-Around Energy Measurements, Low-Frequency (56220S)
Phasor Measurement Units, PMUs (56230S)

RF, Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Measurements

Thermistor Detectors
Thermistor and Thermoelectric Detectors with Coaxial Connectors (61100S-61123S)
NIST Model CN Reference Standard (61137C-61138C)
Thermistor Detectors with Waveguide Flanges (61140S-61190S)

Scattering Parameters of Passive Multi-Port Devices

General Information
Fixed and Variable Attenuator
Fixed and Variable One-port Device

Thermal Noise Measurements
 Noise Temperature Measurements (61410S-61475S)
 Special Noise Temperature Measurements (61495S)

Electromagnetic Field Strength and Antenna Measurements

Microwave Antenna Parameter Measurements
General Information-Antenna Parameter Measurements (Microwave)
Gain and Polarization Calibrations of Standard Antennas Using Extrapolation Range (63100S)
Measurement of Pattern, Gain, and Polarization of Arbitrary Antennas Using Near-Field Scanning Techniques (63200S)
Special Consulting, Advisory, and Other Services (63400S)

Field Strength Parameter Measurements
Antennas/Field Strength Measurements, Utilizing the Transverse Electromagnetic (TEM) Cell Method (64100S)
Antennas/Field Strength Measurements, Utilizing the Anechoic Chamber and Standard Field Method (64300S)

High-speed Repetitive Waveform Measurements
Fast Repetitive Waveforms (65200S)
Fiber-optic time delay (Formerly Pulse time delay interval) (65400S)

Pulse Waveform Measurements
Repetitive Pulse Waveform Measurements, Including Settling Parameters (65250S)
Peak-to-Peak Detectors (65500S)
Additional Frequency for Peak to Peak Detector in 65500S (65501S) 

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