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Ionizing Radiation Measurements

Fees for services are located directly below the technical contacts for each service category link.
Links referencing the service id numbers are for detailed descriptions of specific services. 

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Radioactivity Sources—General Information (43010C-43090S)
Gamma-Ray-Emitting Solution Sources (43010C-43020C)
Alpha- and Beta-Particle-Emitting Solid Sources (43030C-43050C)
Special Tests of Beta-Particle-Emitting Solution Sources (43060S and 43070S)
Special Alpha-Particle-Emitting Solid Sources (43090S)

Neutron Sources and Neutron Dosimetry

Radioactive Neutron Sources (44010C-44020C)
Personnel Protection Instrumentations (44060C)
Activation Detector Dosimetry (44070C-44090C)
Special Tests of Neutron Sources and Dosimeters (44100S)

Dosimetry of X-Rays, Gamma-Rays, and Electrons

Special Instructions for Using Electron and Photon Dosimetry Services (46010C-48020S)
X-Ray and Gamma-Ray Measuring Instruments (46010C-46110C)
Gamma-Ray Sources, Beta-Particle Sources, and Measuring Instruments (47010C-47040S)

Dosimetry for High-Dose Applications

Dosimetry of High-Energy Electron Beams (48010M-48020S)
Certification Services and Special Tests of Dosimeters (49010C-49050S)
Certified Irradiation of Dosimeters with 60Co Gamma Rays (49010C - 49016C)
Dose Measurement of NIST Transfer Dosimeters (49020C - 49032C)
Special Measurement Services for Dosimeter Response and Dose Distributions (49050S)


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