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Time and Frequency Measurements

Fees for services are located directly below the technical contacts for each service category link.
Links referencing the service id numbers are for detailed descriptions of specific services. 

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Broadcast and Measurement Services

Frequency Measurement and Analysis Service (FMAS) (76100C)
Time Measurement and Analysis Service (TMAS) (76101C)
Characterization of Global Positioning System (GPS) Satellite Receivers (76120S)

Characterization of Oscillators

Oscillator Frequency Calibration (77100C)
Characterization of Atomic Frequency Standards (77110C)
Characterization of Oscillators: Time Domain (77120C)

PM/AM Noise Measurement Systems

Tests of RF PM/AM Noise Measurement Systems: On-Site Tests (77135C)
Special Time/Frequency Measurements: Oscillators and Other Components (77140S)

Program questions:
Phone: 301-975-5454, Fax: 301-975-2950
NIST, 100 Bureau Drive, Stop 8363, Gaithersburg, MD 20899-8363