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New NIST Method May Find Elusive Flaws in Medical Implants and Spacecraft
Release Date: 02/29/2016

Medical implants and spacecraft can suddenly go dead, often for the same reason: cracks in ceramic capacitors, devices that store electric charge … more

New NIST Reference Material Could Aid Nanomaterial Toxicity Research
Release Date: 09/05/2012

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has issued a new nanoscale reference material for use in a wide range of environmental, … more

Shaffique Adam Receives Singapore National Research Foundation Fellowship
Release Date: 06/27/2012

In July, Shaffique Adam will join the inaugural faculty of Yale-NUS College as an Assistant Professor of Science, with a joint appointment in the … more

X-Ray Probe Finds New Organic Transistors Do Well in Hot Water
Release Date: 04/17/2012

Materials scientists from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), working with an international research team, have helped … more

NIST Researchers Holding Steady in an Atomic-Scale Tug-of-War
Release Date: 03/30/2010

How hard do you have to pull on a single atom of--let's say--gold to detach it from the end of a chain of like atoms?* It's a measure of the … more

Among Apes, Teeth Are Made for the Toughest Times
Release Date: 12/15/2009

The teeth of some apes are formed primarily to handle the most stressful times when food is scarce, according to new research* performed at the … more

Synthetic Cells Shed Biological Insights While Delivering Battery Power
Release Date: 10/20/2009

Trying to understand the complex workings of a biological cell by teasing out the function of every molecule within it is a daunting task. But by … more

NIST Hosts Two International Materials Research Meetings in June
Release Date: 06/02/2009

For the materials research community, all roads will lead to the Gaithersburg, Md., headquarters of the National Institute of Standards and … more

Vise Squad: Putting the Squeeze on a Crystal Leads to Novel Electronics
Release Date: 05/05/2009

A clever materials science technique that uses a silicon crystal as a sort of nanoscale vise to squeeze another crystal into a more useful shape … more

Discovery of an Unexpected Boost for Solar Water-Splitting Cells
Release Date: 04/21/2009

Scanning electron microscope image of typical titania nanotubes for a photocatalytic cell to produce hydrogen gas from water. Nanotubes average … more

Nano Changes Rise to Macro Importance in a Key Electronics Material
Release Date: 04/07/2009

By combining the results of a number of powerful techniques for studying material structure at the nanoscale, a team of researchers from the … more

Toothsome Research: Deducing the Diet of a Prehistoric Hominid
Release Date: 02/10/2009

In an unusual intersection of materials science and anthropology, researchers from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and … more

NIST, NCI Bring Web 2.0 Tools to Nanotechnology Standards Effort
Release Date: 11/12/2008

Federal government and U.S. industry scientists say they are forging ahead with plans for an international, online collaboration to speed up … more

Slippery Customer: A Greener Antiwear Additive for Engine Oils
Release Date: 07/22/2008

Titanium, a protean element with applications from pigments to aerospace alloys, could get a new role as an environmentally friendly additive for … more

Job-Related Stress: NIST Demonstrates Fatigue Effects in Silicon
Release Date: 11/27/2007

Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have demonstrated a mechanical fatigue process that eventually leads to … more

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