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NanoLab and NanoFab Staff at the CNST

In the NanoLab, the CNST employs Project Leaders who are passionate about measurement science and nanofabrication, and who appreciate research motivated within a problem-based environment. The Center has brought together and will continue to add talented, motivated scientists and engineers from many disciplines—including physics, chemistry, materials science, molecular biology, computer science, and electrical, mechanical, chemical, and aerospace engineering—who are open-minded about other fields and eager to collaborate on important measurement problems in nanotechnology. A CNST Project Leader is an exceptional scientist or engineer with a strong record of creativity and achievement, the leadership abilities required to build a thriving research program, interests in contributing to ongoing projects within the CNST and NIST, and adept at interacting with multiple disciplines and presenting his or her programs effectively to a wide variety of audiences.

In the NanoFab, the CNST employs Process Engineers and Technicians with broad nanofabrication and measurement experience, and the desire and ability to train and provide outstanding support to facility users.

The CNST needs or anticipates the need for assistance in the areas listed below. When vacancies are available, they will be posted at USAJobs (and the Vacancy Announcement number will be noted below). For additional information, contact


Current and/or Anticipated Vacancies:

  • New Project Leader Positions in the CNST NanoLab

The CNST is considering creating a number of new Project Leader positions in areas of research supporting the development of new instruments and methods for nanomanufacturing, future electronics, energy, and convergent nano/bio/physics/engineering. Project Leaders in the CNST are federal employees who lead research efforts to develop the next generation of nanotechnology measurement and fabrication tools and methods in support of CNST’s diverse user community.  

It is expected that a Project Leader will take a highly innovative approach to solving difficult measurement problems that pose barriers to the implementation of nanotechnology. Our goal is for our Project Leaders’ research labs to become unique, world-class facilities developed with and for research collaborators from around the globe. We provide a stable funding environment and support infrastructure in which such projects can thrive.

At this time, we are hoping to identify outstanding individuals whose research interests and abilities might be a good match for our program. Specific areas where we anticipate new nanoscale measurement approaches will be needed include (but are not limited to):

  • High-throughput, non-contact metrology methods for nanomanufacturing
  • Novel, multi-modal scanning probe methods for materials characterization
  • Characterization of materials and devices for beyond-CMOS electronics
  • Experimental probes of in situ reaction dynamics at interfaces, including nanoscale catalysts
  • Soft-matter theory related to self-assembly and directed self-assembly of heterogeneous nanostructures

Generally speaking, a successful CNST project leader has the following characteristics:

  • Demonstrated potential for scientific achievement
  • Highly skilled and innovative in scientific instrument design and construction
  • Articulate in speech and writing
  • Highly interactive with co-workers and facility users
  • Able to work with scientists as equals on teams
  • Able to formulate new programs
  • Able to supervise and mentor postdocs
  • Highly self-motivated

We are interested in learning about any qualified individual, but are particularly interested in someone within the first five years of receiving a PhD with a desire to develop measurements that support the use of nanotechnology in areas where significant breakthroughs are expected in the next 5 to 10 years. US Citizenship is required.
Interested individuals should send CV and letter of interest to  

Visit for more information about the Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology.  

NIST is an Equal Opportunity Employer.



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Staff Photo - Project Leader Veronika Szalai