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Vincent Luciani

Vincent Luciani is the CNST NanoFab Manager. He joined CNST in November of 2008 with over 30 years of private industry experience in semiconductor and nanotechnology process development and project management. Vincent began his career at Solarex Corp. producing photovoltaic solar cells. He then joined the Bendix Advanced Technology Center, developing electronic and nanotechnology devices and processes in a variety of semiconductor material systems, including silicon, gallium arsenide, indium phosphide and lithium niobate. When Bendix became part of Allied-Signal, Vincent went on to lead their advanced process development team, and was awarded an Allied-Signal Premier Achievement Award for excellence in Engineering. Prior to joining NIST, he led the process and product engineering teams at Covega Corporation, developing and ramping up the production of novel indium phosphide photonic devices. Vincent is an expert in Project Management, with a Six Sigma Blackbelt, and holds five patents in semiconductor and nanofabrication technology.



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  • High voltage DMOS power FETs on thin SOI substrates O'Connor, J.M.; Luciani, V.K.; Caviglia, A.L. SOS/SOI Technology Conference, 1990, IEEE, 167-168 (1990)
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NanoFab Manager
Nanofabrication Operations Group

Phone: 301-975-2886