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The CNST NanoFab at a Glance

A Shared National Resource for Nanofabrication and Measurement


The NanoFab provides researchers from industry, government, and academia rapid access to a comprehensive suite of tools, and processes for nanofabrication and measurement. This world-class shared resource provides researchers with a unique combination of a simple application process, extensive tool and process development, hands-on training, and access to NIST-wide expertise in nanoscience and nanotechnology.


  • Over 5600 m2 (60,000 square feet) of laboratory space, including a 1,800 m2 (19,000 square foot) cleanroom, with 750 m2 (8,000 square feet) at class 100.
  • Over 65 major fabrication and processing tools in the cleanroom, including electron beam-, photo- and nanoimprint-lithography, laser writing and mask generation, field emission scanning electron microscopy, metal deposition, plasma etching, chemical vapor deposition, atomic layer deposition, and silicon micro/nano-machining.
  • Additional tools outside the cleanroom, including a transmission electron microscope, a dual beam FIB system, and an atomic force microscope.

Key Attributes:

  • Rapid Access
    The streamlined project application process is designed to get projects started in a few weeks.
  • Process Support and Development
    The NanoFab is operated by a professional staff of process engineers and technicians with over 225 years of collective experience. The NanoFab offers a broad catalogue of established processes, along with assistance in the development of new processes.
  • Training and Education
    The customer-oriented NanoFab staff members are available for expert consultation and hands-on training for all tools and processes.
  • Shared Expertise
    As a shared national resource open to all, the NanoFab brings NIST scientists together with industry, government, and academic researchers from across the spectrum of nanotechnology applications, enabling the rapid exchange of ideas.


For a complete list of tools, visit the NanoFab web page at

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