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Hitachi TM-1000 Table-top SEM


Bridges gap between high power optical scope and standard SEM.  Ease of use, depth of focus, auto image adjustment and speed (3 min. set-up time)

Specifications / Capabilities:

  • Mag: 20-10,000x
  • Accel. voltage: 15kV
  • Max sample size: 70mm
  • Max sample thick:  20mm
  • Traverse: 15x18mm
  • Measurement markers

Scientific Opportunities / Applications:

  • Direct observation of non-conductive samples
  • Stereoscopic observation of surface topography
  • Contrast imaging based on sample atomic number differences

Access Information:

Access to this tool requires that you have attended NanoFab safety orientation, passed the safety test, and have been properly trained on the tool. If you have any questions, please contact the NanoFab User Coordinator, or the tool contact person.



Operating Schedule:

Access to this machine follows standard NanoFab operating hours (7am - 7pm Monday - Friday).  Out of hours access requires prior approval by the NanoFab Manager.


Name: Mike Hernandez
Phone: 301.975.4590
100 Bureau Drive, Stop 6201
Gaithersburg, MD 20899-6201