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Paul Patrone

Paul Patrone is a CNST/UMD Graduate Student Researcher in the Nanofabrication Research group. He received a B.A. from St. John's College and an M.S. in Applied Mathematics from the University of Maryland, College Park, where he is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Physics. Paul is a Monroe H. Martin Graduate Research Fellow and NIST-ARRA Graduate Fellow. His graduate research is focused on applying stochastic calculus and mean field techniques to model the growth of vicinal surfaces and two dimensional interfaces. In the CNST, Paul is working with Gregg Gallatin to develop computational models of self-assembly of colloidal particles and statistical fluctuations in block copolymer systems.


Selected Publications

  • Modeling line edge roughness in templated, lamellar block copolymer systems, P. N. Patrone and G. M. Gallatin, Macromolecules 45, 9507–9516 (2012).
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  • Characterizing equilibrium in epitaxial growth, P. N. Patrone, R. E. Caflisch, and D. Margetis, Europhysics Letters 97, 48012 (2012).
  • One-dimensional model of interacting-step fluctuations on vicinal surfaces: analytical formulas and kinetic Monte-Carlo simulations, P. N. Patrone, T. L. Einstein, and D. Margetis, Physics Review E 82, 061601 (2010).
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CNST/UMD Graduate Student Researcher
Nanofabrication Research Group


B.A. - St. John's College

M.S. Applied Mathematics - University of Maryland, College Park


Phone: 301-975-8422