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Statistical Process Monitoring for Correlated Data

Develop statistical approaches to monitor process mean, process variability, and process capability indices for autocorrelated data. more

Statistical Methods for Bioassays

In this project, we plan to investigate appropriate uncertainty analysis and statistical metrology related to bioassay in a manufacturing and … more

Functional Analysis of Variance

Modern instruments tend to produce data that are consisted of measured spectra, probability distribution functions, or simply sampled curves. … more

Statistics for Quantitative Imaging

Modern imaging systems produce massive amount of data that can be used to obtain critical 3D information on targeted measurement objects … more

Uncertainty analysis for autocorrelated measurement data

Develop statistical approaches to assess uncertainties for various autocorrelated measurement data. more

Compatibility Assessment and Bias Estimation for Standard Reference Materials

NIST produces a number of food-matrix Standard Reference Materials. A problem that frequently occurs in their analysis is one of assessing … more

Extreme Winds and Wind Effects on Structures

The Building and Fire Research Laboratory has an established long-term collaboration with the NIST Statistical Engineering Division in the … more

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