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Acquisition Management Division


The Acquisition Management Division (AMD), under the Office Acquisition and Agreements Management, provides advice, assistance, policy direction, and direct administrative support for the award and management of simplified purchases and contracts. Provides guidance to NIST Program Offices regarding the bank card program, acquisition planning, preparation of purchase requests and supporting documentation. Provides procurement policy and analysis, coordination of socio-economic procurement programs and manages the reconciliation and processing of acquisition obligation and feeder system files.


AMD provides professional acquisition services, acquisition planning guidance, acquisition policy services, management of the Government Purchase Card Program, implementation of the Department of Commerce Federal Acquisition Certification Program for Contracting Officers/Contracting Officers Technical Representative, review and approval of payable interagency agreements/payable interagency acquisitions, ratification of unauthorized procurements and coordination of socio-economic procurement programs.

NIST relies on contractors and vendors to supply many goods and services necessary to fulfill our mission. Every year, NIST buys millions of dollars worth of supplies and services from office equipment to specialized scientific instruments. If you're interested in supplying goods and services to NIST, you'll find valuable information here. This service represents NIST's continuing commitment to improve its responsiveness to potential government contractors by providing as many documents as possible via the Internet.  NIST posts synopses of acquisition requirements and downloadable versions of related solicitations and amendments to FEDBIZOPPS

To be eligible for an award, all vendors must register with the System for Award Management (SAM).

Lambert McCullough
Division Chief
(301) 975-3601

DoC Bureaus/External Customers
(202) 482-7831

Government Purchase Card A/OPC
(301) 975-6312

General NIST inquiries
(301) 975-NIST (6478)