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Office of the Director Events

Displaying Director events from January 01, 2013 To December 30, 2013

The Idea Factory
January 11, 2013

Bell Laboratories, which thrived from the 1920s to the 1980s, was arguably the most innovative research and development organization of the 20th … more

Neutrons at NIST: Past, Present, and Future
January 25, 2013

The 1950’s were a decade of rapid progress in nuclear technology, with many organizations building research reactors. Among these was the National … more

Superposition, Entanglement, and Raising Schrodinger's Cat
February 1, 2013

Research on precise control of quantum systems occurs in many labs throughout the world, for fundamental research, new measurement techniques, and … more

When is Reproducibility an Ethical Issue? Genomics, personalized medicine, and human error
February 22, 2013

Modern high-throughput biological assays let us ask detailed questions about how diseases operate, and promise to let us personalize therapy. … more

Innovation, Skunk Works® Style
March 8, 2013

Step into the world of top secret development where ideas and innovation are the coins of the realm and partnerships are key to developing cutting … more

NIST Exhibits at the 2013 International Wireless Communications Expo
March 13-14, 2013

IWCE is the authoritative annual event for communications technology in the working world. Over 7,500 technology buyers from a diverse group of … more

NIST Exhibits at 2013 APS Meeting
March 19-21, 2013

  The APS March Meeting is the largest physics meeting in the world, focusing on physics research from industry, universities, and major labs. … more

The Higgs boson: What it is and why it matters
March 22, 2013

The observation by CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, of the Higgs boson was hailed as one of the most significant scientific … more

The Zebra's Stripes: A New Theory of Animal Vision
April 5, 2013

After a software glitch generated an unexpectedly strange-looking video, Roy's efforts to debug the system led to a theory of animal vision … more

NIST Exhibits at The Quest for Excellence Conference
April 8-10, 2013

The Quest for Excellence® Conference The Official Conference of the Baldrige Award The 25th Annual Quest for Excellence® Conference and Award … more

NIST Exhibits at the 2013 BIO International Convention
April 22-25, 2013

  The BIO International Convention is the largest global event for the biotechnology industry and attracts the biggest names in biotech, offers … more

NIST Participates in the 2013 Maryland Day
April 27, 2013

An annual event when the University of Maryland opens its doors and invites the public to enjoy a FREE fun-filled day of learning, exploration, … more

Math in the Movies
May 3, 2013

Film making is undergoing a revolution brought on by advances in areas such as computer technology, geometry, and applied mathematics. Using … more

Clifford G. Shull: A Memoir of a Pioneer in Neutron Scattering
May 17, 2013

Clifford G. Shull pioneered the use of neutron scattering to probe the properties of the neutron, to determine atomic structures, and to clarify … more

From Artefacts to Atoms--The BIPM and the Search for Ultimate Measurement Standards
July 11, 2013

The International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) was created by the Metre Convention, an intergovernmental treaty signed in Paris on 20 May … more

The Promise of Urban Science
September 6, 2013

For the first time in history, more than half of the world's population lives in urban areas; by mid-century, 70 percent of the world's more than … more

NIST Exhibits at the National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers (NOBCChE) 2013
October 2, 2013

The National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers, NOBCChE, will hold its 40th Annual Conference … more

U.S. to Celebrate World Standards Day 2013 with a Focus on the Impact of Standards on Everyday Life
October 3, 2013

Voluntary cons ensus standards play an essential role in promoting quality, consistency, and dependability across a vast array of industries, … more

Interpretations of Probability
October 25, 2013

The concept of probability plays a crucial role in every branch of science and everyday life. Indeed, probability is so important to all of … more

NIST Exhibits at the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) National Conference 2013
October 31-November 2, 2013

Held annually since 1978, the AISES National Conference is a one-of-a-kind, three-day event convening high school juniors and seniors, college and … more

Innovative Spectrum Sharing Technology Day
November 5, 2013

President Obama, supported by the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, has laid out a comprehensive plan to expand America's … more

Innovations in Measurement Science: FY 2014 Projects
November 15, 2013

The NIST Innovations in Measurement Science (IMS) Program—formerly called Competence—provides funds to explore high-risk, leading-edge research … more

The Life, Family, and Science of Charlotte E. Moore
December 6, 2013

Charlotte E. Moore was born in eastern Pennsylvania in 1898, the youngest of six children. She went on to study atomic spectroscopy at Princeton … more


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