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Current Funding Opportunities

Federal Funding Opportunity (FFO) Announcements will be posted in this section upon the opening of the applicable application periods. Click on a URL to view the full FFO which contains information about the opportunity, applicant eligibility, application requirements, and directions on how to apply.

Announcement of Federal Funding Opportunity (FFO) Title Description Deadline URL
Measurement Science and Engineering (MSE) Research Grant Programs NIST is soliciting applications for financial assistance within the following NIST Laboratory grant programs: 1) the Material Measurement Laboratory (MML) Grant Program; 2) the Physical Measurement Laboratory (PML) Grant Program; 3) the Engineering Laboratory (EL) Grant Program; 4) Fire Research (FR) Grant Program; 5) the Information Technology Laboratory (ITL) Grant Program; 6) the Communications Technology Laboratory (CTL) Grant Program; 7) the NIST Center for Neutron Research (NCNR) Grant Program; 8) the Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology (CNST) Grant Program; 9) the Special Programs Office (SPO) Grant Program; 10) the Standards Coordination Office (SCO) Grant Program; 11) the International and Academic Affairs Office (IAAO) Grant Program; and 12) the Associate Director for Laboratory Programs (ADLP) Grant Program. See the Full Announcement/FFO document for details of these component programs.



General information regarding NIST financial assistance award programs may be directed to Christopher Hunton at or 301-975-5718




♦Advanced Manufacturing Jobs and Innovation Accelerator Challenge
Regional partnerships competed to access complementary federal resources to support advanced manufacturing activities within high-growth industry clusters.
♦Advanced Manufacturing Technology Consortia (AMTech) Program, Planning Awards
Planning awards to establish new, and strengthen existing, industry-driven consortia that identify and support basic and applied research on long-term, pre-competitive, and enabling technology development for advanced manufacturing.
♦Consortium for Post-Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) Nanoelectronics Research Grant Program
This program focuses on the long-term research needs of industry in the area of post-CMOS nanoelectronics. 
♦Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology Postdoctoral and Student Researcher and Visiting Fellow Measurement Science and Engineering Program
This program promotes research, training, and practical experience in nanoscale science and technology on-site at NIST's CNST. 
♦Community Resilience Center of Excellence Program
This Center of Excellence will enhance the disaster resilience of communities and their built environment through innovations in measurement science, modeling, simulation, data, informatics tools and field studies of multiple hazard events.
♦Empirical Measurement of the Impact of Technology Transfer from Federal Laboratories
NIST invites applications to develop a data infrastructure of technology transfer activities across federal laboratories that can be used as a tool to empirically measure the economic impact of technology transfer activities from federal laboratories.
♦Forensic Science Center of Excellence
Established a Forensic Science Center of Excellence where NIST researchers collaborate with interdisciplinary researchers from academia and industry for the wide-spread adoption of probabilistic methods within the forensic science community.
♦Graduate Student Measurement Science and Engineering (GMSE) Fellowship Program
Doctoral-level graduate students are provided with opportunities and financial assistance to obtain laboratory experiences within the NIST laboratories.

♦Economic Analysis of the National Need for Technology Infrastructure to Support the Materials Genome Initiative (MGI)
NIST is soliciting applications from eligible applicants to assess the economic impacts of meeting the Nation's need for technology infrastructure to support the Materials Genome Initiative (MGI)
♦NIST Center for Neutron Research (NCNR) Comprehensive Grant Program
Supports research involving neutron scattering and spectroscopy.
 ♦NIST JILA Institutional Cooperative Agreement Renewal
Renewal of continued support of JILA at University of Colorado at Boulder.
♦NIST Research Experience for Teachers (NIST RET) Program
Middle School Science Teachers from public school districts and private educational participate in scientific research with NIST scientist and engineers.
♦NIST Standards Services Curricula Development (SSCD) Cooperative Agreement Program
Financial assistance to support standards curriculum development for the undergraduate and/or graduate level.
♦NIST Summer Institute for Middle School Science Teachers (NIST Summer Institute) Program
Teachers participate in hands-on activities, lectures, tours, and visits with scientists and engineers at NIST's Gaithersburg, Maryland campus.
♦National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) Privacy Pilots Cooperative Agreement
Funds pilots for privacy-enhancing technologies that embrace and advance the NSTIC vision and contribute to the maturity of the identity ecosystem.
♦Award Competitions for Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Centers in the States of Alaska, Idaho, Illinois, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Utah, Washington, West Virginia and Wisconsin
Funds up to 12 separate MEP cooperative agreements for the operation of an MEP Center in the designated States' service areas.
♦Award Competitions for Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Centers in the States of Colorado, Connecticut, Indiana, Michigan, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia
The MEP Center Programs provide manufacturing extension services to primarily small and medium-sized manufacturers within the designated States.
♦Business-to-Business Network Pilots
The MEP Program's B2B Network pilot projects conduct scouting for business opportunities, technology, suppliers, and markets.
♦Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Center for Florida
A Center to provide manufacturing extension services to primarily small and medium-sized manufacturers in the state of Florida.
♦Manufacturing Technology Acceleration Center (M-TAC) Pilot Projects
Recipients conduct pilot projects that will inform future NIST investment leading to the development of a network of Manufacturing Technology Acceleration Centers (M-TACs).
♦Measurement Science for Advanced Manufacturing (MSAM) Cooperative Agreement Program
This program promotes innovation in measurement science for additive manufacturing.
♦National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) Pilots Cooperative Agreement Program
NIST funds pilot projects that are intended to test or demonstrate new solutions, models, and frameworks to pilot online identity solutions that embrace and advance the NSTIC vision.
♦Precision Measurement Grant Program
NIST supports significant research in the field of fundamental measurement or the determination of fundamental constants.
♦Professional Research Experience Program
Valuable laboratory experience for undergraduates, graduate students, and post-doctoral associates at the NIST Boulder Laboratory, and financial assistance, is awarded to assure the continued growth and progress of science and engineering in the U.S.
♦Professional Research Experience Program (PREP-MML)
NIST is soliciting applications from eligible applicants to provide undergraduate students, graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows with fellowship opportunities and financial assistance to obtain laboratory experiences within the NIST Material Measurement Laboratory.
♦FY2014 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program Federal Funding Opportunity
Small businesses with strong research capabilities in the fields specified in the program announcement pursue technological innovation.
♦FY 2015 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program
Small businesses submit Phase I research applications in the fields of Advanced Manufacturing, Climate Change and Clean Energy, Cybersecurity, Health Care and Bioscience, and Technology Transfer.
♦Smart Grid Interoperability Standards Cooperative Agreement Program
NIST and the recipient will collaborate to support continuous electrical grid innovation through the coordination and acceleration of standards development and harmonization, and advancement of the interoperability and security of smart grid devices and systems.
♦Studying the Economic Impact of Documentary Standards
NIST invites applications to develop and disseminate data and tools to assess the economic impact of documentary standards.


♦Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) Program on Boulder, Colorado campus and on Gaithersburg, Maryland campus
Undergraduates from colleges and universities in the U.S. and its territories participate in research with internationally-known NIST scientists.


♦The Make it in America Challenge
Recipients leverage complementary federal funding sources to support the development and implementation of regionally-driven economic development strategies.