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Office of Acquisition and Agreements Management (OAAM)


The OFFICE OF ACQUISITION AND AGREEMENTS MANAGEMENT (140.00), headed by the Chief Acquisition Officer (CAO), oversees the full range of acquisition and financial assistance activities relating to the programs and operations of NIST, as well as client bureaus serviced by NIST, including contracts, grants, cooperative agreements, other fellowships and reimbursable agreements, in accordance with Department policies and Federal procurement regulations.

The CAO serves as NIST's Chief Procurement Official and works with the NIST operational units to ensure implementation of innovative business models, processes and practices related to acquisition and agreements management across NIST.

Policy & Compliance Group 

The POLICY AND COMPLIANCE GROUP (140.01) develops, implements and maintains acquisition and agreement policies and procedures as determined by the Bureau Procurement Official. The Group implements and issues policy from the Department of Commerce (DOC) and the Office of Federal Procurement Policy, and responds to data calls from NIST management, DOC and the Office of Management and Budget. The Group meets DOC reporting requirements on behalf of NIST; ensures compliance with all regulatory statutes related to acquisitions and Federal financial awards; and manages the COR, FAC-C and Grant specialist certification programs and the day-to-day operations of the Government Purchase Card Program.

Administrative Support & Document Control Group

The ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT AND DOCUMENT CONTROL GROUP (140.02) is responsible for executing administrative and document control functions within the Office of Acquisition and Grants Management and ensuring the successful operational flow of internal administrative processes. The Group manages activities related to the timely distribution of fully executed acquisition and Federal financial award documents. The Group is responsible for the physical management of award files and NIST property within the organization, and serves as primary contact for planning, managing and coordinating training classes for staff related to business applications. The Group manages access control forms for all organization business-related systems and applications, and is responsible for the management and oversight of all outstanding NIST AMD contract invoices.

Cecelia V. Royster,