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Energy and Environment Division Staff

Energy and Environment Division(732.00)
Dr. Andrew K. Persily Division Chief 301-975-6418
Dr. David A. Yashar
Deputy Division Chief 301-975-5868
 Dr. A. Hunter Fanney Senior Research Scientist 301-975-5864
Elizabeth M. Loveless Division Administrative Office Assistant 301-975-5916
Dawn Hurley Administrative Officer 301-975-8938

HVAC&R Equipment Performance Group (732.01)
Dr. Piotr A. Domanski Leader, Supervisory Mechanical Engineer 301-975-5877
Sandra K. Heckman Administrative Office Assistant

Mechanical Systems and Controls Group (732.02)
Steven T. Bushby Leader, Supervisory Electronics Engineer 301-975-5873
Sandra K. Heckman Administrative Office Assistant

Heat Transfer and Alternative Energy Systems Group (732.03)
Dr. William M. Healy Leader, Supervisory Mechanical Engineer 301-975-4922

Roshawnda Harris

Administrative Office Assistant

Indoor Air Quality and Ventilation Group (732.05)
Dr. Andrew K. Persily Leader, Supervisory Mechanical Engineer 301-975-6418
Jumarna Lee-Jenkins Administrative Office Assistant

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Engineering Laboratory (EL)

Energy and Environment Division (732)
Dr. Andrew K. Persily, Division Chief
Dawn Hurley, Administrative Officer

General Information:
Elizabeth M. Loveless, Division Administrative Office Assistant
Phone: 301-975-5916

100 Bureau Drive, M/S 8630
Gaithersburg, Maryland 20899-8630