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Inorganic Materials Group Staff

Staff Listing
Dr. Chiara (Clarissa) F. Ferraris Group Leader, Supervisory Physicist 301-975-6711
Dale P. Bentz Chemical Engineer 301-975-5865
Dr. Jeffrey W. Bullard  Materials Research Engineer 301-975-5725
Richard Eason Engineering Technician 301-975-6710
LaKesha Perry Engineering Technician 301-975-5784
Steven Feldman Materials Research Engineer 301-975-5912
Dr. Nicos S. Martys  Physicist 301-975-5915
Max A. Peltz Engineering Technician 301-975-3175
Paul E. Stutzman Physical Scientist 301-975-6715
Scott Z. Jones  Mechanical Engineer 301-975-4948

Associate Listing
Pan Feng Guest Researcher 301-975-8872
Jacob Philip Guest Researcher 301-975-5425
Alexander Brand Postdoctoral Associate 301-975-6067
Michael Boisclair Student Trainee 301-975-5086
Michelle Helsel Student Trainee 301-975-4073

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Engineering Laboratory (EL)
Materials and Structural Systems Division

Inorganic Materials Group (731.03)
Dr. Chiara (Clarissa) F. Ferraris, Leader

General Information:
Gwynaeth Broome, Administrative Office Assistant
301-975-8083 Telephone

100 Bureau Drive, M/S 8615
Gaithersburg, Maryland 20899-8615