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Disaster Resilience Workshops


NIST would like your input on resilience!

NIST will convene a series of workshops engaging a broad network of stakeholders to help develop the Disaster Resilience Framework, with a focus on the role that buildings and infrastructure lifelines play in ensuring community resilience.

Workshops will be held to support the continuing development of the Disaster Resilience Framework for community disaster resilience. The first workshop was held on April 7, 2014 at the NIST Gaithersburg, MD campus. Each workshop will be held at locations throughout the country to engage a broad range of stakeholders and their experiences.

NIST will post the current working draft of the Disaster Resilience Framework prior to each workshop. The first version of the Disaster Resilience Framework will be released for public comment in Spring 2015.

Workshop materials from each conference, including the agenda, presentations, breakout sessions, and a workshop summary, are available through the Workshop Documents links on the right of this page.

Registration links will be posted for each workshop approximately 4 to 6 weeks prior to the planned event.

Disaster Resilience Workshops

Gaithersburg, MD
April 7, 2014

Hoboken, NJ
July 30, 2014

Norman, OK
October 27-28, 2014

San Diego, CA
February 18-19, 2015

Houston, TX
April 27, 2015

Workshop Documents

West Coast
July 2015



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