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Disaster Resilience Standards Panel

NZ-EQOnce the basic structure and content of the Disaster Resilience Framework has been established with input from stakeholders and the workshops, NIST will convene the Disaster Resilience Standards Panel (DRSP). The DRSP will, with initial input provided by NIST, define the outline of the Model Resilience Guidelines and draft the content of the Model Resilience Guidelines. The first phase of these guidelines will focus on critical buildings and infrastructure systems.  As resources become available, NIST will expand its program to include guidance for all building types.
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Who should be involved in the DRSP?
Stakeholders from various topic areas within resilience; including infrastructure, structural engineering, social sciences, emergency management, local and state/regional government, federal government, urban planning, and economics; will be invited the join the DRSP. The DRSP is expected to consist of several hundred members working on multiple committees to develop and standardize the latest guidance and tools to enhance community resilience, with an initial focus on critical buildings and infrastructure systems.

DRSP leadership:
Overall leadership of the DRSP committees will be by a governing board consisting of DRSP members representing the breadth of disciplines found on the DRSP.

Draft DRSP Charter document:
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