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Structures Group Staff (731.01)

Staff Listing
Dr. Long T. Phan Leader, Supervisory Research Structural Engineer 301-975-6077
Josefine Lecuyer Administrative Office Assistant 301-975-6056
Dr. Fahim Sadek Research Structural Engineer 301-975-4420
Dr. Dat Duthinh Research Structural Engineer 301-975-4357
Dr. Emil Simiu NIST Fellow 301-975-6076
Dr. Marc Levitan Wind Engineer 301-975-5340
Dr. Jonathan Weigand Postdoctoral Researcher 301-975-3302
Mr. James Ratino Engineering Technician 301-975-3105
Mr. Sorin Marcu Engineering Technician 301-975-8748
Hai S. Lew Senior Research Structural Engineer 301-975-6060
Dr. Joseph A. Main Research Structural Engineer 301-975-5286

Associate Listing
Dr. Yihai Bao Guest Researcher 301-975-2061
Dr. Mina Seif Guest Researcher 301-975-4584
Dr. Sejun Park Guest Researcher 301-975-5357
Pataya Scott Guest Researcher 301-975-8289
Jiann Jiang Guest Researcher 301-975-2764
Dr. Liang Shi Postdoctoral Researcher 301-975-4566
Dr. Donghun Yeo Guest Researcher 301-975-8103
Dr. Jianghua Ke Postdoctoral Researcher 301-975-5357
Dr. Ken P. Chong Guest Researcher 301-975-6071

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Engineering Laboratory (EL)
Materials and Structural Systems Division

Structures Group (731.01)
Dr. Long T. Phan, Leader

General Information:
Vacant, Administrative Office Assistant
301-975-6056 Telephone
301-869-6275 Facsimile

100 Bureau Drive, M/S 8611
Gaithersburg, Maryland 20899-8611