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Applied Economics Office Staff

Applied Economics Office (730.01)
Dr. Robert E. Chapman Chief 301-975-2723
Shannon L. Takach
Administrative Office Assistant
Dr. David T. Butry Economist 301-975-6136
Dr. Stanley W. Gilbert Economist 301-975-5261
Jennifer F. Helgeson Economist 301-975-8517
Dr. Joshua D. Kneifel Economist 301-975-6857
Priya D. Lavappa Information Technology Specialist 301-975-4522
Amy S. Rushing Information Technology Specialist 301-975-6132
Douglas S. Thomas Economist 301-975-4918

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Engineering Laboratory (EL)

Applied Economics Office (730.01)
Dr. Robert E. Chapman, Chief
Christie Keyser, Administrative Officer

General Information:
Shannon L. Takach, Administrative Office Assistant
301-975-5403 Telephone
301-975-4032 Facsimile

100 Bureau Drive, M/S 8603
Gaithersburg, Maryland 20899-8603