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Engineered Fire Safety Group Staff

Staff Listing
Dr. Jiann C. Yang
(Acting) Leader, Chemical Engineer
Carla S. (Sue) Haga Administrative Office Assistant
Scott Bareham
Electrical Engineer
Dr. Howard R. Baum NIST Fellow 301-975-6668
Thomas G. Cleary Chemical Engineer 301-975-6858
Dr. Randall J. McDermott Chemical Engineer 301-975-4310
Dr. Kevin B. McGrattan Mathematician 301-975-2712
Dr. Kristopher Overholt
Fire Protection Engineer
Richard D. Peacock Chemical Engineer 301-975-6664
Dr. Kuldeep R. Prasad Mechanical Engineer 301-975-3968
Paul A. Reneke Computer Scientist 301-975-6696
Michael J. Selepak Engineering Technician 301-975-6896
Dr. Craig Weinschenk
Post-Doctorate 301-975-6899
Mariusz Zarzecki

Mechanical Engineer

Benjamin Trettel
Student Trainee

Associate Listing
Dr. Walter W. Jones Guest Researcher 301-975-6887
Changsong Luo
Guest Researcher 301-975-6899
Dr. Ronald G. Rehm Guest Researcher 301-975-2704

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Engineering Laboratory (EL)
Fire Research Division

Engineered Fire Safety Group (733.03)
Dr. Jiann C. Yang, (Acting) Leader

General Information:
Carla S. (Sue) Haga, Administrative Office Assistant
301-975-6689 Telephone

100 Bureau Drive, M/S 8660
Gaithersburg, Maryland 20899-8660