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National Fire Research Laboratory Staff

Staff Listing
Dr. Matthew F. Bundy NFRL Director for Fire Research 301-975-6880
Nicole S. Cooper Administrative Office Assistant 301-975-6862
Anthony R. Chakalis Engineering Technician 301-975-6686
Artur A. Chernovsky Electronics Engineer 301-975-5988
Dr. Rodney Bryant Mechanical Engineer 301-975-6487
Dr. Matthew Hoehler Research Structural Engineer 301-975-8517
Dr. Christopher Smith Research Structural Engineer 301-975-8794
Dr. Lisa Choe Research Structural Engineer 301-975-5644
Laurean A. DeLauter Engineering Technician 301-975-2590
Dr. John L. Gross Research Structural Engineer 301-975-6068
Doris L. Rinehart Electronics Technician 301-975-5605
Brian Story Engineering Technician 301-975-8118

Associate Listing
Dr. Chao Zhang Guest Researcher 301-975-6695
Dr. William Grosshandler Guest Researcher 301-975-4582
Dr. Selvarajah Ramesh Guest Researcher 301-975-2488

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Engineering Laboratory (EL)
Fire Research Division

National Fire Research Laboratory (733.06)
Dr. Matthew F. Bundy, Director for Fire Research

General Information:
Nicole S. Cooper, Administrative Office Assistant
301-975-6862 Telephone

100 Bureau Drive, M/S 8666
Gaithersburg, Maryland 20899-8666