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DML (Dimensional Markup Language)


The DML specification defines content and format for measurement nominals and actuals, for single part inspection results, from a coordinate measuring machine.

NIST's role is to 1) contribute to the writing of DML, 2) generate conformance tests, 3) design and conduct public interoperability tests, and 4) act as standards consultants and leaders in industry standards organizations through summit meetings and other initiatives.


Industry Impact

  • DML has been mandated within several large U.S. corporations, including Chrysler, GE Aviation, and John Deere
  • For end users mandating DML, DML has allowed web-based access from any location to quality measurement results from CMMs located anywhere in the world, in real-time


  • An initial DML test utility has been designed and built by NIST
  • AIAG published version 3.0
  • DMSC and AIAG signed Memorandum of Agreement for the joint DMLI Committee to take DML to ANSI and then ISO
  • The DMLI Committee is refining the DML 3.0 schema and will publish version 4.0 in 2010

To-Do List

  • DML test utility needs to be upgraded to current DML version
  • Perform public interoperability tests at major quality technology shows
  • Define and institute a DML certification program


Major Accomplishments:

  • Published DML Test Suite

Lead Organizational Unit:



John Horst, Project Manager

Bill Rippey, DMLI Committee chairperson

General Information:

301 975 3430 Telephone
301 990 9688 Facsimile

100 Bureau Drive, M/S 8230
Gaithersburg, MD 20899-8230