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Topic: Building Energy Conservation

Energy and Environment Division
Workshop to Identify Strategies to Get to Net Zero Energy Homes
Mobile Solar Tracker Facility
Building Integrated Photovoltaic Testbed
The Net-Zero Energy Residential Test Facility
Roof Photovoltaic Test Facility
HVAC&R Equipment Environmental Chambers
News Item
Underperforming? Energy Efficiency of HVAC Equipment Suffers Due to Poor Installation
BIRDS Is for Sustainability: New NIST Tool for Evaluating Building Performance, Trade-offs
Updating Building Energy Codes: How Much Can Your State Save?
Improved Rating for Residential Fuel Cells
New Report Identifies Strategies to Achieve Net-Zero Energy Homes
Report from the Field: Using Internally Cured Concrete in Indiana Bridges
Simulations Predict Savings From More Airtight Buildings
New Report Urges More Detailed Utility Metering to Improve Building Efficiency
Energy Upgrades Pay Off for Taxpayers and Feds
New Software Tool Helps Evaluate Natural Cooling Options for Buildings
Net-Zero Energy, High-Performance Buildings Program
Sustainable, High Performance Infrastructure Materials Program
Low-GWP Refrigerants for High-Efficiency HVAC&R Equipment Project
Space-Conditioning Options for Energy-Efficient Buildings Project
Measuring Performance of Net-Zero Energy Homes Project
Embedded Intelligence in Buildings Program
Electrical Performance Measurements of Solar Photovoltaic Cells and Arrays Project
Building Integration with Smart Grid
Assessment of High-Temperature and Innovative Insulation Thermal Performance Project
Commissioning Building Systems for Improved Energy Performance Project
Intelligent Building Agents Project
Smart Building Automation and Control Testbed and Standards Project
Fault Detection and Diagnostics for Commercial Heating, Ventilating, and Air-Conditioning Systems Project
Fault Detection and Diagnosis for Air-Conditioners and Heat Pumps Project
Software: LoopDA
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