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Topic: Fire Protection Technologies

Fire Resistance Structures Workshop
Smart Fire Fighting Workshop
Fire Retardants and their Potential Impact on Fire Fighter Health
National Fire Research Laboratory Group
Wildland –Urban Interface Fire Group
Cone Calorimeter
The National Fire Research Laboratory
Radiative Gasification Apparatus
Lateral Ignition and Flame Spread Apparatus
Fire Emulator/Detector Evaluator
News Item
NIST, Partners Set Research Agenda for Protecting Firefighters from Harm
NIST Makes 'Bio Inspired' Flame Retardants in a Jiffy
NIST Modeling Study Reveals the Lethal Dynamics of a San Francisco House Fire
In Tests of Promising Flame Retardants, Opposites Pair Off—And the Challenger Wins
Spartanburg, S.C., Fire Experiments Will Test New Firefighting Tactics
NIST Tests: Firefighters Portable Radios May Fail at Elevated Temperatures
NIST Report and Video Detail Dynamics of Deadly Chicago House Fire
All-Natural Mixture Yields Promising Fire Retardant
NIST Improves Performance, Capabilities of Its Computer Fire Modeling Tools
New NIST Test for Firefighter Breathing Equipment Goes into Effect Sept. 1
New Online Course Based on NIST Research Highlights Insights on Modern Firefighting
NIST Study Suggests Ways to Improve Common Furniture Fire Test
Layered Security: Nanotubes Promise Improved Flame-Resistant Coating
New NIST Strategic Roadmap Aims to Reduce the Nation's Preventable Fire Burden by a Third
Workshop Identifies Research Priorities to Mitigate Fires in the Wildland-Urban Interface
Terracotta and Cement Roofs Vulnerable in Wildfires, NIST Study Finds
Landmark NIST Study Evaluates Effectiveness of Crew Sizes in High-Rise Fires
Landmark High-Rise Fire Study Evaluates Effectiveness of Crew Sizes, Elevator Use
'Live Burns' in Spartanburg, S.C., Will Benefit Research and Firefighter Training
NIST and Forest Service Create World’s First Hazard Scale for Wildland Fires
NIST Study of Hazard to Firefighters Leads to Safety Alert
Live Fire Tests with FDNY Will Guide Improvements in Fire Department Tactics
Novel Clay-based Coating May Point the Way to New Generation of Green Flame Retardants
NIST Fire Research Earns Honors
NIST Report on Texas Fire Urges Firefighters to Consider Wind Effects
Study Finds Failure Points in Firefighter Protective Equipment
New NIST Web Site Features Fire Safety for the Holidays
In Unique Fire Tests, Outdoor Decks Will Be Under Firebrand Attack
Novel Coatings Show Great Promise as Flame Retardants in Polyurethane Foam
Promising Fire Retardant Results When Clay Nanofiller Has Space
Carbon Nanofibers Cut Flammability of Upholstered Furniture
High Rise Fire Study Provides Insight Into Deadly Wind-Driven Fires
Meeting Slated to Discuss Structural Steel and Fire
Ground Broken for New Green Technology and Fire Safety Facilities
Fiery Video Shows Moisture is Main Ingredient for a Safe Christmas Tree
Updated Fire Modeling Software Released
Fire Panel Changes Offer Real-Time Fire Status Data
New NIST 'Standard Cigarette' Available for Fire-Resistance Testing
NIST Residential Fire Study Education Kit Now Available
NIST Software Makes Fire Gear Choice Easier
Major Residential Fire Study to be Issued April 28
Smoke Alarms + Sprinklers + Closed Doors = Lives Saved in Dorm Fires
Live Fire Experiments Examine Impact of Changes in Firefighting Resources
NIST Test Fans the Flames for High-Rise Fire Safety
Fans Clear High-Rise Stairwells of Smoke
NIST Evaluates Firefighting Tactics In NYC High-Rise Test
High Rise Fire Fighting—Effective Use of Positive Pressure Ventilation
Ember Exposure Characterization in WUI Fires Project
Residential Fire Safety Innovation Project
Performance-based Design for Structures in Fire - Modeling and Validation Project
Measurement of Structural Performance in Fire - Composite Floor Systems Project
Flammability Reduction Technologies Project
Enhanced Effectiveness of Fire Fighting Tactics Project
Improving WUI Community Fire Protection- Fire Resistant Building Design and Materials Project
Smart Firefighting Project
WUI Building and Fire Codes and Standards Project
WUI Fire Data Collection and Exposure Modeling Project
Reduced Ignition of Building Components in Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) Fires Project
Fire Grants and Cooperative Agreements Project
High Temperature Performance of Fire Fighter Equipment Project
Performance-Based Design Methodologies for Structures in Fire Project
Design Fires for Structures Project
National Fire Research Laboratory Research Development and Operations Project
National Fire Research Laboratory Metrology and Operations Project
Fire Modeling for Performance-Based Design Project
Safety of Building Occupants Projects
Advanced Fire Detection Project
Advanced Gas-Phase Fire Retardants Project
Reduced Flammability of Upholstered Furniture Project
Reduced Ignition and Flame Spread with Nano-Engineered Foam Project
National Fire Research Laboratory Infrastructure and Commissioning Project
Fire Risk Reduction in Communities Program
Fire Risk Reduction in Buildings Program
Software: CFAST
Software: FDS and Smokeview
Software: Sprinkler Use Decisioning
Software: ToGS