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Topic: Building Materials

Community Resilience Implementation Guidelines
Materials and Structural Systems Division
Service Life Prediction of Polymeric Materials: Over the Horizon
Service Life Prediction of Polymeric Materials: Reaching New Heights
Oklahoma Workshop – Oct 27-28, 2014 in Oklahoma
2nd Disaster Resilience Workshop
Three September 2015 Meetings Related to Thermal Analysis and Degradation
25th NIST Computer Modeling Workshop
2nd Atlas/NIST Workshop on Photovoltaic Materials Durability
Service Life Prediction of Polymeric Materials: Vision for the Future
Conference on Standards Needs for Service Life Prediction of Polymeric & Nano-Materials For Energy Applications
Green Concrete Performance One-Day Workshop
Measurement Science Roadmap for Workability of Cementitious Materials
Integrating Sphere-based Weathering Device
Line Heat-Source Guarded Hot Plate
News Item
Colorado County Adopts NIST Community Resilience Guidelines
Fort Collins, Colorado, Making Community Resilience a Reality Using NIST Guide
NIST and French Lab to Study Weathering of Advanced Composites for Bridges and Piers
Limestone Powder Enhances Performance of 'Green' Concrete
Workshops Address How to Avoid Progressive Collapse
Novel Clay-based Coating May Point the Way to New Generation of Green Flame Retardants
Meeting Slated to Discuss Structural Steel and Fire
Experts Propose Research Priorities for Making Concrete ‘Greener’
High-Tech Concrete Technology Has a Famous Past
New NIST Testing Device May Help to 'Seal the Deal' for Building Owners
Report from the Field: Using Internally Cured Concrete in Indiana Bridges
Viscosity-Enhancing Nanomaterials May Double Service Life of Concrete
Promising Fire Retardant Results When Clay Nanofiller Has Space
New Tool Debuts for Measuring Indoor Air Pollutants
Depth Charge: Using Atomic Force Microscopy to Study Subsurface Structures
Sustainable, High Performance Infrastructure Materials Program
Measurement Science for Service Life Prediction of Polymers Used in Photovoltaic Systems Project
Assuring Performance of Infrastructure Repair Materials Project
Assessment of High-Temperature and Innovative Insulation Thermal Performance Project
Flammability Metrics for New Low-GWP Refrigerants Project
Chemical, Structural, and Kinetic Measurement Technologies for Cementitious Materials Project
Advanced Sensing Systems for Building Energy Monitoring Project
NIST Accelerated Weathering Laboratory: Metrology and Operations Project
Measurement Science Tools for Accelerated Weathering of Polymers Project
Measurement Science to Assure the Performance of Innovative Concretes Project
Properties of Sustainable Fresh Concrete Project
Virtual Cement and Concrete Testing Laboratory
Surface Damage of Polymer Nanocomposites Project
Service Life Prediction of Filled Polymers Project
Service Life of Nano-Enabled Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composites Project
Measurement Science to Assure the Performance of Green Concretes Project
Reduced Ignition and Flame Spread with Nano-Engineered Foam Project
Finite Element/Finite Difference Programs
VCCTL Software
Stokes Three-Dimensional Permeability Solver
CEMHYD3D Software
Virtual Rapid Chloride Permeability Test
Estimation of Pore Solution Conductivity
Concrete Electrical Conductivity Test
Water-to-Cement Distance Analysis Software
Internal Curing with Lightweight Aggregates
Concrete Optimization Software Tool
Chloride-Exposed Steel-Reinforced Concrete Service Life Prediction Program
4SIGHT Computer Program
SULFATE2 Software
Cement Hydration Modelling
4sight: Concrete Service Life Prediction