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Topic: Metrology

Performance Metrics for Intelligent Systems Workshop
National Workshop On Challenges To Innovation In Advanced Manufacturing: Industry Drivers And R&D Needs
2010 Performance Metrics for Intelligent Systems (PerMIS'10) Workshop
Cognition and Collaboration Systems Group
Manipulation and Mobility Systems Group
Networked Control Systems Group
Production Systems Group
Systems Integration
Sensing and Perception Systems Group
Process Engineering Group
News Item
NIST Team Honored for Work on Military Smartphone Apps, Security
NIST Helps Plan Measurement Standards for the Hydrogen Economy
NIST Develops 'Toolbox' for Manufacturing Systems
NIST and Willow Garage Launch First Robot 'Perception Challenge'
NIST Prototypes Framework for Evaluating Sustainability Standards
NIST Cooperative Agreement with University of Maryland Supports Research on 21st Century Smart Systems
September PerMIS Workshop Takes Measure of Intelligent System Performance
AIAG Honors NIST/EL with Chairman's Award
Digital Thread for Smart Manufacturing
Smart Manufacturing Operations Planning and Control Program
Smart Manufacturing Systems Interoperability
Systems Integration for Additive Manufacturing
Wide-area Monitoring and Control of Smart Grid
Advanced Metering in Smart Distribution Grids
Industrial Ethernet Network Performance (IENetP)
Micro- and Nano-Manipulation for Manufacturing Applications
Federal Highway Administration Exploratory Advanced Research Program
Army Research Laboratory Perception/ Performance Evaluation Project
DML (Dimensional Markup Language) Project
PRIDE (Prediction In Dynamic Environments)
QMD (Quality Measurement Data)
I++ DME (Dimensional Measurement Equipment)
eQuipp (Exchange of Quality Measurement Process Plans)
Dynamic Tracking or Ground Truth Referencing of Robotic Perception Systems for Army Research Laboratory and Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate (DHS S&T)
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