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At New NIST Facility, Response Robots Must Measure Up
SME Fellow
Autonomous Industrial Vehicles: From the Laboratory to the Factory Floor Workshop
Performance Metrics for Intelligent Systems Workshop
Response Robot Evaluation Exercise (#7)
Response Robot Evaluation Exercise (#6)
National Workshop On Challenges To Innovation In Advanced Manufacturing: Industry Drivers And R&D Needs
2010 Performance Metrics for Intelligent Systems (PerMIS'10) Workshop
ASTM E54.08.01 Standards Meeting
ASTM International Committee on Homeland Security Applications; Operational Equipment; Robots (E54.08.01)
Performance Metrics for Intelligent Systems (PerMIS'12) Workshop
Cognition and Collaboration Systems Group
Manipulation and Mobility Systems Group
Networked Control Systems Group
Robotics Test Facility
Manufacturing Robotics Testbed
News Item
Automated Guided Vehicles Ripe for Standardized Performance Tests
NIST Workshop Seeks Manufacturers' Ideas on Using Multipurpose Robots
Performance Evaluation and Benchmarking of Intelligent Systems
NIST Readies Tests for DARPA Robotics Challenge in December
Rescue Robot Tests To Offer Responders High-Tech Help
Is Your Microrobot Up for the (NIST) Challenge?
NIST Workshop Gets a ‘Grip’ on Robotics Challenge
NIST and Partners Offer Solution to Communications Impasse in Factories
Robots Big and Small Showcase Their Skills at NIST Alaskan Events
Performance Evaluation and Benchmarking of Robotic and Automation Systems
Autonomous Robots Journal Special Issue November 2009
Teams Gearing Up for Two NIST Robotic Competitions in Alaska
NIST and Willow Garage Launch First Robot 'Perception Challenge'
‘Nitty-Gritty’ but Vital Data Helps Field Rescue Robots
New Video Showcases NIST-Hosted Robotics Competitions in China
New Video Showcases NIST-Hosted Robotics Competitions in China
NIST Microrobotics Challenge Seeks Miniature Medics and Maze Masters
NIST Contests in China Put Next-Gen Robot Technologies to the Test
Tests Check Out Rescue Robots' Life-Saving Vision
Rescue Robot Exercise Brings Together Robots, Developers, First Responders
November Workshop to Examine Challenges to Innovation in Advanced Manufacturing
Manufacturing Competition Challenges University Teams to Stack a Better Pallet
NIST RoboCrane® Cuts Aircraft Maintenance Costs
Robotic Systems for Smart Manufacturing
Performance Metrics and Benchmarks to Advance the State of Robotic Grasping
Prognostics and Health Management for Smart Manufacturing Systems
Standard Test Methods for Response Robots
Performance Assessment Framework for Robotic Systems
Emergency Response Robots
Performance of Collaborative Robot Systems
Agility Performance of Robotic Systems
Robotic Systems Interoperability and Integration
Micro- and Nano-Manipulation for Manufacturing Applications
Federal Highway Administration Exploratory Advanced Research Program
Army Research Laboratory Perception/ Performance Evaluation Project
DARPA Learning Applied to Ground Robots (LAGR) Project
PRIDE (Prediction In Dynamic Environments)
Dynamic Tracking or Ground Truth Referencing of Robotic Perception Systems for Army Research Laboratory and Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate (DHS S&T)