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Information Technology Programs & Projects

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Statistics for Quantitative Imaging
Last Updated Date: 04/08/2016

Modern imaging systems produce massive amount of data that can be used to obtain critical 3D information on targeted measurement objects … more

Statistics for Bioassay Standard Development
Last Updated Date: 04/08/2016

In this project, we investigate appropriate uncertainty analysis and splicing algorithms for spectral data, especially fluorescence spectroscopy … more

Cryptographic Standards Development Process Review
Last Updated Date: 03/31/2016

Recent news reports about leaked classified documents have caused concern from the cryptographic community about the security of NIST … more

Software Assurance Metrics And Tool Evaluation (SAMATE)
Last Updated Date: 03/28/2016

 The NIST SAMATE (Software Assurance Metrics And Tool Evaluation) project is dedicated to improving software assurance by developing methods to … more

National Software Reference Library (NSRL)
Last Updated Date: 03/28/2016

This project is supported by the U.S. Department of Justice's National Institute of Justice (NIJ), federal, state, and local law enforcement, and … more

Computer Forensics Tool Testing (CFTT)
Last Updated Date: 03/28/2016

For more information, visit: http://www.cftt.nist.gov/ There is a critical need in the law enforcement community to ensure the reliability of … more

National Software Reference Library
Last Updated Date: 03/28/2016

For more detailed information, visit us at: http://www.nsrl.nist.gov/ This project is supported by the U.S. Department of Justice's National … more

Large Scale Systems
Last Updated Date: 03/23/2016

This page is currently under development.  

Cyber-Physical Systems for Global Cities Project
Last Updated Date: 03/10/2016

Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) provide cities with a pathway to enhance and integrate key infrastructures and systems to dramatically improve … more

Cyber-Physical Systems Testbed Design Concepts Project
Last Updated Date: 03/10/2016

A key challenge to progress in cyber-physical systems (CPS) is the lack of robust platforms for experiment and testing, which NIST is addressing … more

Reference Architecture for Cyber-Physical Systems Project
Last Updated Date: 03/09/2016

Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) are smart systems that include engineered interacting networks of physical and computational components. CPS and … more

Information Security and Privacy Advisory Board (ISPAB)
Last Updated Date: 03/04/2016

The Information Security and Privacy Advisory Board (ISPAB) was originally created by the Computer Security Act of 1987 (P.L. 100-235) as the … more

Advanced Microwave Photonics
Last Updated Date: 03/02/2016

Research on quantum information (QI) seeks to control and exploit exotic properties of quantum mechanics, and researchers are already generating … more

Smart Grid
Last Updated Date: 02/04/2016

While there is a clear need for communication networks supporting reliable information transfer between the various entities in the electric grid, … more

Data Science
Last Updated Date: 02/03/2016

The NIST Information Access Division (IAD) initiated a Data Science Research Program (DSRP) aimed to advance the measurement science for big … more

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