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Atomic Wavefunctions
Last Updated Date: 10/05/2010

NIST scientists are actively developing new algorithms for extremely high-accuracy computation of non-relativistic eigenstates of … more

Foundations of Measurement Science for Information Systems
Last Updated Date: 10/05/2010

There are no metrics today which can accurately assess the reliability of large-scale information systems either before or after deployment. In … more

Mathematics of Metrology: Foundation and Applications
Last Updated Date: 10/05/2010

We are developing fundamental mathematical methods and analytical tools necessary for NIST to continue as a world-class metrology institute, and … more

IMS Visualization
Last Updated Date: 10/05/2010

The fundamental measures (IMS) project is producing vast amounts of data. This project will visualize the three classes of computer models of … more

Computer Forensics Tool Testing
Last Updated Date: 10/05/2010

For more information, visit: There is a critical need in the law enforcement community to ensure the reliability of … more

Computer Forensic Reference Data Sets (CFReDS)
Last Updated Date: 10/05/2010

For more information, visit: NIST is developing Computer Forensic Reference Data Sets (CFReDS) for digital evidence. … more

XML Technologies
Last Updated Date: 10/05/2010

For more information regarding this project, please visit: The World Wide Web has grown to become the world's digital … more

Semantic Interoperability of Clinical Documents
Last Updated Date: 10/05/2010

For more information regarding CDA Guideline Validation, visit: NIST in collaboration with Alschuler … more

Statistical Characterization of High-Speed Oscilloscopes and Photodiodes
Last Updated Date: 10/05/2010

SED staff began a collaboration with the EEEL Optoelectronics Division staff in 1998 to develop statistical signal processing methods for analysis … more

AR2000 Project
Last Updated Date: 10/05/2010

This is the summary

Statistical Methods in Waveform Metrology
Last Updated Date: 10/04/2010

Waveform metrology aims to develop new techniques and measurement services at bandwidths currently unattainable for waveform verification, to … more

HIT Virtual Testing Framework
Last Updated Date: 10/04/2010

For more information, visit: NIST is responsible for leading the development of the core health IT testing … more

Collaborative Research with NIST Scientists and Engineers
Last Updated Date: 10/04/2010

For more than 50 years, Statistical Engineering Division (SED) staff have played a critical role in the success of a broad spectrum of … more

Statistical Education Project
Last Updated Date: 10/04/2010

Since the inception of the Statistical Engineering Division by Churchill Eisenhart in 1947, education and training of the NIST staff has been a … more

Strategies for Testing Embedded Software
Last Updated Date: 10/04/2010

This is a competence project to investigate new testing strategies for embedded software. The potential customers are US electronic instrument … more

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