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Biometrics Test Lab


Provides a secure, high-capacity, state of the art computer laboratory to continue support of biometrics standards and metrology program focusing on storage, computer cycles, networking, and environment.


A successful biometrics standards and metrology program requires significant resources:

  • Disc Storage: 10's of terabytes; 100's of millions of multimodal biometric samples.
  • Computer cycles: Multiple / simultaneous very large scale coordinated performance assessment activities
  • Networking: Secured connectivity and high bandwidth to support multiple lab COOP     
  • Environment: electrical supply, uninterruptible power backup, and air conditioning

This project provides continual technology refresh and capacity expansion which is critical to keeping up with rapidly advancing biometric technologies and rapidly scaling biometric applications.

Major Accomplishments:

  • Near 24-7 Service -The Biometrics Test Lab remained online for all users except during NIST wide outages (A/C or Electrical), in which case several were kept up to support critical activities.
  • Lab Upgrades
    • Computer Processing - added 10 blades and set up hardware to support COOP function for MBARK lab.
    • Data Storage - added new RAIDS to replace older storage in the lab.
    • Power - purchased several small UPS to support equipment.
    • A/C - added and upgrading of A/C capacity of Lab.
    • Network - replaced and upgraded network switches in each computer lab, adding additional dedicated fibers between buildings and labs, and installed "ladder" rack in Labs A & B.

Start Date:

May 1, 2002

End Date:


Lead Organizational Unit:


Source of Extramural Funding:

Biometrics STRS



Facilities/Tools Used:

Biometrics Test Bed Lab (A) – Bldg. 225
Biometrics Test Bed Lab (B) – Bldg. 222
Biometrics Test Bed Lab (C) – Bldg. 225


Brian Cochran
Patricia Flanagan
Stan Janet
Joe Konczal (VUG)
Wayne Salamon
Craig Watson (PL)

Craig Watson
(Information Access Division)