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Image Group


The Image Group researches measurement and evaluation methods and develops standards to advance the use of image-based biometric technologies; current modalities include fingerprint, face, and iris. The Group works to promote accuracy and interoperability by working closely with industry, academia, and the group has a 40-year legacy of supporting the FBI and other government agencies. Members of the group serve on various standards committees in INCITS/M1, ISO/SC37, and we are the ANSI SDO for the ANSI/ NIST-ITL 1-2011:Update 2013 biometric data interchange standard used by law enforcement worldwide. The Group works to support the needs for Homeland Security Presidential Directive (HSPD)-12 and the Personal Identity Verification (PIV) card for federal employees and contractors; and we work closely with our federal partners on the White House National Science & Technology Council (NSTC) Subcommittee on Biometrics and Identity Management.

The Group’s activities fall under five project areas (Biometrics Standards; Fingerprint Testing; Face, Iris, & Multimodal Testing; Biometric Standards and Next Generation Test Bed.) These activities are coordinated in support of ITL Programs and IAD Programs/Projects as listed below. Additional information is found at:







New Projects

JPEG 2000 Conformance Testing Information Page

Tattoo Recognition Technology – Evaluation (Tatt-E)

Children Exploitation Image Analytics (Chexia-Face) 2016

Text Recognition Algorithm Independent Evaluation (TRAIT)

Tattoo Recognition Technology - Challenge (Tatt-C)

Face In Video Evaluation (FIVE)


International Biometric Performance Testing Conference (IBPC) 2016

Archived Workshops/Conference/Talks Homepage

In the News

New NIST Biometric Data Standard Adds DNA, Footmarks and Enhanced Fingerprint Descriptions

Latest Publications Links

M. Ngan, G.W. Quinn, P. Grother, "Tattoo Recognition Technology - Best Practices (Tatt-BP) Guidelines for Tattoo Image Collection NIST Internal/Interagency Report 8109" (NISTIR 8109)

B. Wing, "Mobile ID Devices Best Practices Versions 2 NIST 500-280 V2" (NIST 500-280 V2)

C. Watson, G. Fiumara, E. Tabassi, S.L. Cheng, P. Flanagan, W. Salamon, "Fingerprint Vendor Technology Evaluation NIST Internal/Interagency Report 8034", (NISTIR 8034)

Phillips, P. J., Givens, G.H., Beveridge, J.R., "It's About the Face Impostor Distribution NIST Internal/Interagency Report 8051", (NISTIR 8051)

Ngan, M., Grother, P., "Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) Performance of Automated Gender Classification Alorithms NIST Internal/Interagency Report 8052" (NISTIR 8052)

Orandi, S., Libert, J., Garris, M., Grantham, J., Byers, F., "JPEG 2000 CODEC Certification Guidance for 1000 ppi Fingerprint Friction Ridge Imagery" NIST Special Publication 500-300

Ngan, M., Quinn, G.W., Grother, P., "Tattoo Recognition Technology - Challenge (Tatt-C) Outcomes and Recommendations NIST Internal/Interagency Report 8078", (NISTIR 8078)

Image Group Archived Publications

Important Links

Biometrics Evaluations
ITL Biometrics Overview
Image Group Staff


Standard Reference Databases

Legacy Projects

PATRIOT Act Research
OCR Homepage
Legacy Projects Homepage


General Information:
301-975-2946 Telephone
301-975-5287 Facsimile

100 Bureau Drive, M/S 8940
Gaithersburg, MD 20899-8940