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Next Generation Test Bed


This project provides a secure, high-capacity, state of the art computer laboratory to continue support of the biometrics standards and metrology program focusing on storage, computer cycles, networking, and environment. It also seeks to fill a rapidly growing gap in technical knowledge and standards for intelligently designing and testing extremely large scale multimodal biometric systems by developing an open multimodal reference architecture and test bed. Members of the Biometric Research & Testing Lab Team primarily work on this project whose mission is to support the Image Group's current and future computational needs; therefore, the team and this project have relevance and interaction with all the other projects in the group. Members of this team work on the Next Generation Test Bed project as well as support the other biometric testing projects in the group by setting up experimental datasets, running test participant technologies through testing protocols, and handing off the search results to biometric test coordinators for analysis and report writing. Therefore, their labor is matrixed into the other testing projects as well.



i. Maintaining and expanding a world-class Biometrics Research & Testing Lab

    1. Blade farm, data storage, and high speed networks
    1. Currently 1024 cores, 280TB of redundant storage, fiber backbone for networked storage access
    1. 3 machine rooms (safety, security, power, & A/C)
    1. Supports COOP between two buildings
    2. Securely warehousing de-identified biometric samples 
    3. Over 25M subjects / over 175M samples

ii. Developing methods and technologies for next generation biometric testing

    1. New baseline algorithms
    2. New metrics for performance assessment
    3. New testing methods and protocols (e.g., larger scale & multimodal) 

Major Accomplishments:


  1. This Biometric Research & Testing Lab Team last year supported 7 biometric testing programs in which ~100 different SDK technologies were evaluated.
  2. The team successfully upgraded our SANS storage capacity by 20TB, replaced and upgraded our network storage fiber backbone, and integrated and installed over $400K of new hardware into our machine rooms.


  1. This year, our biometric testing drivers will be updated to more efficiently utilize the network storage arrays, and these drivers will be upgraded to more effectively and intelligently utilize the blade farm.

Start Date:

October 1, 2010

End Date:

on going

Lead Organizational Unit:


Facilities/Tools Used:

Biometrics Research Bed Lab (A) – Bldg. 225
Biometrics Research Bed Lab (B) – Bldg. 222
Biometrics Research Bed Lab (C) – Bldg. 225


Su Cheng
Brian Cochran
Greg Fiumara
Pat Flanagan
Stan Janet
Wayne Salamon
Louis Saunders
Craig Watson (PL)