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 How To Participate in the Ongoing MINEX Testing Program

OMINEX has been superseded by MINEX III. Ongoing MINEX is no longer accepting submissions. Please submit for MINEX III instead.


  • Print out and sign a hardcopy of the form and then mail it to the location designated on the form.
  • Effective April 3rd, 2007, a separate application form must be received by NIST for each SDK submitted for testing.
  • Anonymous participation is not permitted.


Sample Data Images

  • Prior to submitting an SDK, the participant must run it using the Sample Data images provided by NIST, and email their results to the Test Liaison (minex@nist.gov) for validation.
  • The Sample Data images are available to all Participants (upon receipt of the signed Application Form by NIST) in the Participant-only section of this website.
  • Detailed instructions on downloading and using the Sample Data images and returning the results are given in the Participant-only area of this website (go to the Particpant area and click-on 'Sample Data For Extraction').
  • The Sample Data images are representative of the format of the actual test images only. They are not intended to be representative of the test images in terms of image quality or other characteristics.


SDK Software

  • After the Sample Data image results have been validated (see above), Participants may send their SDK to NIST for testing.
  • Software can be sent by email to minex@nist.gov, or on CDROM to:

MINEX Test Liaison
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Information Access Division (894)
100 Bureau Drive, Stop 8940
Gaithersburg, MD 20899-8940

  • No more than one SDK per organization may submitted within a 90 day period.
  • All submitted SDK software shall comply with the MINEX API Specification.
  • NEW The submitted SDK must be signed and encrypted using GnuPG (gpg). Instructions to download the MINEX Test Liaison public key can be found here and:
  • Importing it into your keyring: gpg --import minex_pk.asc
    **Key Fingerprint = 448F 3828 719D B6B0 FDC5 3DE6 715B 6C72 062A 520A 
  • After the SDK is submitted and initial validation checks have been passed the Test Liaison will request the Participant to submit Sample Scores computed on a second set of Sample Data. This data along with instructions for submitting these scores is available to all Participants in the Participant-only section of this website (go to the Participant Area and click-on 'Sample Data For Matching')



  • Testing will be conducted by MINEX personnel, using NIST computer hardware.
  • Software that is not compliant with the MINEX API Specification will not be tested.
  • The MINEX fingerprint image data cannot be released because it has a sensitive but unclassified status and because it is sequestered for testing purposes. 


Release of Test Results

  • All results will be published on this website as soon they become available.


Communication with MINEX Testing Personnel

  • All communication with MINEX personnel shall be performed via email with the Test Liaison (minex@nist.gov).

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