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Multimodal Biometrics


Researches and develops measurement and evaluation methods to advance and promote the use of technologies that 1) provide more effective access to multimedia and multi-lingual information and 2) improve human-computer interface modalities; technologies include recognizing and/or transforming information in speech, text, video, and other modalities through speech recognition, speaker recognition, language recognition, machine translation, and visual recognition.


MBARK: to advance standards in biometric acquisition client technologies

MBGC: to focus R&D community on multiple biometric applications to advance innovation while NIST assesses performance of emerging technologies

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Patrick Grother, Project Co-Lead
Ross Micheals, Project Co-Lead
Jonathon Phillips, Project Co-Lead

Michael Garris
Kayee Kwong
Karen Marshall
Elham Tabassi
Matt Aronoff
C.J. Carey
Kevin Mangold
Hassan Sahibzada
Jack Wydler
Tanya Brewer 

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Patrick Grother
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Ross Micheals
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E: ross.micheals(at)

Jonathon Phillips
T: (301) 975-5348
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