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Fingerprint Technology Testing for Identity Management


The long term goal of this project is to address fingerprint technology issues including: testing, fusion, and interoperability to support the development, standardization, and procurement of next generation IdM frameworks.


Most biometric-enabled identity management (IdM) systems utilize fingerprint technology for enrolling and issuing credentials, and then in subsequent authentication transactions. It is important to evaluate and understand the performance characteristics and limitations of fingerprint matching technologies as this has a direct impact on the reliability of the identity bound to the credential or transaction. Issues that must be addressed include:

  1. Testing – Tracking this rapidly evolving technology
  2. Fusion – How many fingers under what quality conditions are required to achieve a certain level of accuracy and security?
  3. Interoperability - Fingerprint technologies must be interoperable to support global IdM frameworks.

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Lead Organizational Unit:



Craig Watson, Project Lead

Brian Cochran
Patricia Flanagan

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Craig Watson

T: (301) 975-4402
E: craig.watson(at)nist.gov