CRT Teleconference
Thursday, April 26, 2007
11:00 a.m. EDT
Meeting Minutes

Draft Agenda:

1) Administrative updates (Eustis)
2) EMC Requirements (Goldfine)
3) QA/CM Requirements (Goldfine)
4) E-pollbook Issues (Wack)
5) Any other items.

Attendees: Alan Goldfine, Allan Eustis, Dan Schutzer, John Wack, Jon Crickenberger (NVLAP), Mat Masterson (EAC), Michael Kass, Michael Koo, Nelson Hastings, Philip Pearce, Sharon Laskowski, Steve Freeman (NVLAP)

Administrative Updates (Allan Eustis):

  • We have received and posted the official transcripts from the March plenary meeting. There was a gap in between tapes that left out a discussion by Alan Goldfine and David Flater regarding the ISO 9000/9001 Quality Assurance/Configuration Management. This section was important because a decision was reached for alternative wording on a requirement. This gap has been filled with an addendum that has been posted.

EMC Requirements:

The latest draft requirements were posted. This is first version since the one discussed at the TGDC plenary meeting. It includes draft requirements for radiated emissions and telecommunication interference. Still in rough format - we are working on informative text, organization, some references, and testing procedures. It is complete in that it covers everything we intended to include.

QA/CM Requirements:

The complete version was discussed two weeks ago. As a result minor word-smithing changes were incorporated. This version has been sent to be included in current VVSG draft.

E-poll books (John Wack):

John summarized the joint STS/CRT/HFP subcommittees meeting. John Kelsey had discussed possible threats to privacy, being concerned over personally identifiable information being contained on one system that is used to activate ballots. The risk is that someone could piece together the information to figure out who voted for whom. There was also discussion about externally networking epoll books and ballot activation, concerns being for security and reliability. The decision at the meeting was to allow epoll books to activate ballots. The activation mechanism needs some additional requirements. David Flater has written some additional general applicable requirements. These need to be specific and strengthened. The decision was also made if epoll books were externally networked; they were not to be used for ballot activation. Some alternative options were discussed and these will be presented to the entire TGDC at the May plenary meeting.

Next CRT meeting scheduled for May 3rd may be canceled or given to another subcommittee.

[* Pursuant to the Help America Vote Act of 2002, the TGDC is charged with directing NIST in performing voting systems research so that the TGDC can fulfill its role of recommending technical standards for voting equipment to the EAC. This teleconference discussion served the purposes of the CRT subcommittee of the TGDC to direct NIST staff and coordinate its voting-related research relevant to the VVSG 2007. Discussions on this telecon are preliminary, pre-decisional and do not necessarily reflect the views of NIST or the TGDC.]



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