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Media Inquiries:
Gail Porter
NIST Public and Business Affairs

Legislative Inquiries:
NIST Legislative Affairs

Technical Inquiries:
Belinda Collins
Nelson Hastings

Information Technology Laboratory
100 Bureau Drive
Gaithersburg, MD 20899-8970
301-975-4500 Office
301-975-2183 Fax

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All your text goes here.  Everything else (except the Related Links block) is on the template so you'll need to contact us - - for changes/updates/etc.  I've left the Related Links linkbar un-locked down so that you can either use it on a page or not depending on your need.  To have it disappear you would simply remove the test link leaving a blank linkbar and then it'll know to not display.

What do you think?  I changed your layout a bit.

To make a new page with this template you start as usual but when you get to the template gallery you click on ITL and then 2-col-vote-template and then when you get to the page type choice you choose 2-col-wide-right.