K-Ratio / Log 3 Band Widget

This tool loads raw xray maps and calculates the k-ratio images. The pixel values, ranging nominally from 0.0 to 1.0, represent concentration by weight percent.

The Log 3 Band color scale is useful for displaying these images, or any other images with the same range of pixel values. This color scale is not accessed directly in the widget, but using 'Color -> Log 3-band'.

Microscopy & Microanalysis Journal Article


This example is in 'Lx/Images/Kratio-example'. The *fini.* files explain the format.

See this list in the text output window. This show how lispix interpreted the data in the fini file. Make sure that the files are being interpreted properly - right backgrounds with the right maps, energy levels, etc.

When finished, the images should look like this: