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This tool is for duplicating the top (or front) image. It can make copies of byte images (gray scale images), RGB images, and zoomed rectangles (blowups) made with the pixels->blow up tool. The title of the window (name of the image) will be the name of the original image, preceeded by "Dup ", for "duplicate".

Example of duplicating a blowup:

   This is the original image. The yellow rectangle was made with the rect button. The yellow rectangle shows the position at which the rectangle was originally drawn.


 Once the rectangle is 'moused' as above, and a zoomed rectangle or blow-up is mde with the pixels -> blow up button, then the rectangle will follow the cursor when over the original image, and a blow up of the image inside the rectangle will appear in the 'zoomed rectangle' window, every time the mouse is clicked.

The image at the left appeared, when the center of the darker spot was clicked. (The rectangle had moved from its position in the figure above.)


This image is zoomed to a default size shown here. The size can be changed as usual. In particular, a 1:1 zoom (as in the original image above) can be sen by clicking the zoom box (right side of the menu bar - not shown here).

   Upon pressing the Duplicate button, this window will appear. It is a copy of the original data inside the rectangle when it was last clicked in the top image here, and when the Zoomed Rectangle window was last changed. It is displayed with a 1:1 zoom, and is scaled as if it were just read from a file.

Note that the size of the duplicate is the size of the originally moused rectangle. The size and position of this rectangle do not change unless done on purpose, so that the rectangle can be used to cut pieces of a given size from many images.