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These buttons give information about either a group of images (the Info... button in the Images collumn), or the front (or active) image (the info button in the Top Image collumn).

Click on the Monitor window to see the results.

Rect Stats requires mousing a rectangle before seeing the results. It resets the bdr_rect or a previously moused rectangle - it does not use a previously set rectangle.

Detailed example

Dimensions (Images collumn)

The Info button lists the images and the memory that they occupy. Here is a typical list:

The memory used can be compared to the memory availbable which is displayed with the Memory button.

Limits (Images and Top image collumn)

The Limits buttons display the mininum and maximum of the appropriate images


 Top Image

 prints the limits out to the Listener (or Monitor) window, eg:

chromogranin   Min 27  Max 253
 shows a dialog





Stats (Top image collumn)

Same information as the rect->stats menu if the rectangle is the size of the whole image. Convenient one-shot way to see more detailed image statistics than just the limits (see above).

Rect Stats (Top image collumn)

Mouse a rectangle first.

Gives same information as the rect->stats menu, pixels... button, but is a 'one shot' command - just prints the results to the Listener. Good for large rectangles.