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To read and display a Scanning Electron Micrograph of the NIST SEM magnification standard (Standard Reference Material 484d) (Steel, 1994), taken at 500x magnification, first load the image from the file SRM484.tiff into memory by holding down the command key and selecting the MLx -> image files -> TIFF -> read command. The command key allows rapid loading of a single image. (MacLispix is often used to read groups of images, as will be seen later. If the command key is not held down, the first dialog merely selects a sample file and then a second dialog allows you to load one or more image files from a list of all similar files in that folder. ) (At the moment, you have to know the type of the file in order to read it. A 'smarter' image reader is under development that will load image files and sense the file type. This new command will be File -> open images..)

To display the image, use the MLx -> show image arrays command. Do this twice to keep an original version around for comparison with the processed version.

The image can be zoomed or shrunk by dragging the lower right corner with the mouse -- use the option key and the MLx -> Show Image Arrays command for details. Zooming can also be done with the MLx -> Image windows -> Zoom command. Panning (actually moving) the image is done by holding down the control key and dragging the cursor on any part of the image. This actually moves the entire image window, panning it with respect to the Mac screen.

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