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Other menus

The MLx Menu, found in the menu bar, accesses Maclispix functions and commands that have not yet been incorporated into buttons, as well as the help command, and the command to actually make the buttons , or pop them to the front.


This starts the web browser (if necessary) and shows the MLx home page in one of two places:


The Buttons menu makes a window of (image) buttons. Most of the control of MacLispix is via this window. Should the buttons window become covered, this menu will bring it to the front. The Windows menu will also bring the button window to the front.

Load Widget

This menu loads the special purpose tools or Widgets. They should be in the Widgets folder. The folder for each widget contains the source code (for reference only, use the File->Open menu to read), the compiled code (which is the file that will be loaded), and any documentation or auxilliary data files.

After loading a widget, the commands will be available in one of these ways:

  1. Additional buttons. The window with the buttons may be made or brought to the front (should it become covered with images, for example), using the More Buttons... button.
  2. Additional menu items in the MLx menu, which will appear below the Load Widget menu.
  3. A new menu in the menu bar.