Colors multivariate| show | Home

The monitors control panel is used to set the monitor on the mac to various choices.
Gray level images are displayed properly with

  • 256 Grays
  • Thousands of colors
  • Millions of colors

Color overlays are displayed properly with

  • Thousands of colors
  • Millions of colors

False color images , such as thresholded images or traceback maps, are displayed allright with 256 colors, best with either thousands or millions of colors.

monitors control panel - color part

If sufficient colors are not provided, the Mac system will do the best it can at assigning the colors in the system palette to the image. In most cases, a 'contoured' or blotchy appearence results.

Encoded Colors


Colors are encoded as a 3x8=24 byte integer. Red (0 - 255 ) is the high order byte, Green the middle byte, and blue the low order byte. (eg: 255 is bright blue, (ash 255 8 = 65280 = 255 * 2^8) is bright green, etc.

The image array of an RGB image has encoded colors as the pixel values.