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NIH image is a widely used, public domain image processing program for the Macintosh platform. It is written and maintained by Wayne Rasband at NIH, Bethesda, MD.

NIH Image is a streamlined convenient package for numerical analysis and examination of images. Even short movies (higher performance than QuickTime) can be displayed conveniently. Morphological operations, convenient segmenting, image arithmetic, histograms, scaling and measurement are all provided. Image handles 8 bit images only. A macro capability is available for expanding the menus.

NIH Image has a large user base and an active e-mail forum: John Ladwig at the University of Minnesota runs this list: "...getting added to or dropped from the list should be handled by sending the appropriate commands (unsubscribe nih-image being most likely) in the body of a message to If you have trouble with a command, send the word "help" as the body of a message to If you *still* have trouble, send mail to or and I'll help you out."

NIH Image supports a variety of functions:

NIH Image keeps its images as 8 bit bytes. This is a major difference from MacLispix, which supports a number of different data types.

Web sites for NIH Image:

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