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These programs are sold comercially, unless otherwise noted. (Usual disclaimers here...)

{Please let me know of Mac applications missing from this list. I'll include them in the next release}

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is intended for graphic artists, and handles images in 8 bit black and white format or 24 bit color. It will read and write a large variety of formats (one of the main uses in our lab). In the lab environment, it is useful for converting image formats, enhancing images, assembling groups of images and doing color overlays. It has the handy feature of making the icon of a stored image (Photoshop and pict format at least) a postage stamp version of the image, making the finder itself a handy image cataloger. Photoshop is not good for numerical analyses of images.


Powerpoint is a tool for making slide presentations. It will import 24 bit color Pict files, crop them and expand them to fit the slide format. No image enhancement or analysis is provided.


Prism basically an 8-bit (greyscale) program with pretty complete processing (grey scale and binary) and VERY complete measurement routines (global and feature-specific), and a strong basis in stereology and statistics (including a stat package). It supports several frame grabbers, including the RasterOps 24 bit color boards, and will create an 8 bit image from the intensity, hue, saturation, or any color plane. It includes a scripting language, ability to write drop-ins for processing and measurement, and more.

Prism is a commercial image analysis program that is available from Signal Analytics Corp., 440 Maple Avenue East, Suite 201, Vienna VA 22180, phone 703-281-3277, fax: 703-281-2509, email D6196@applelink.apple.com


By David Kopf and Scott Davilla, 4Pi Inc., Durham NC. Fast FFT's. Only program other than MacLispix that I know of that accesses the imagedescription tag in the TIFF file header. On line help for most menus using the command key. Includes principal components. Real pixel values internally, and TIFF file format. Not Power Mac native.